Sudeten Creche – A Short Biography

“Birth of an idea in sound:

Sudeten Crèche was created by Yvette Döll in 1980 as an artistic idea involving sound. It took music form in late 1980, with experimental sounds and tape loops containing a mixture of human voice, short-wave radio interference and synthesisers. These were mainly created by Yvette himself along with Paul Carlin. Paul and Yvette had been with ‘Tomorrow’s Parties’ and what later became ‘Yesterday’s Parties’ (1979-1980). These projects had been influenced by ‘noise artists’ of the 60s and 70s, including ‘The Velvet Underground’, ‘Throbbing Gristle’ and ‘Tangerine Dream’.

None of the earliest Sudeten Crèche material (created in 1981) has ever been commercially released, though components have been used in other projects and some of these master tapes exist today, under the ownership of Sudeten Crèche.

Venture into ‘music’

In 1982 Yvette launched the idea of ‘Europe in the Year Zero’, a compilation EP to benefit ‘No Nukes’ – something that ended up including Yazoo’s ‘Goodbye 70s, a song from the album ‘Upstairs at Eric’s’ (with permission from Mute and Sonet). Colour-me-Pop and Sudeten Crèche were the other artists who appeared.

The Sudeten Crèche songs on the EIYZ EP were ‘Dance’ and ‘Are Kisses out of Fashion’. EIYZ was restricted to around 8,000 copies, as part of the agreement with Yazoo’s label and publishers. The record quickly went to No. 7 in the UK Independent Singles Chart and 43 in the mainstream BBC Singles Chart.

In 1983, Sudeten Crèche resumed, this time with a different line up. Yvette Doll continued to provide artistic direction along with lyrical material; Paul Carlin continued to write and present material as well as being the vocalist and was joined by two new band members – Baz Voce and Tim Wharton. Baz was an experienced guitarist and Tim a bassist with an interest in electronic music. Baz and Tim brought new influences into the material and Baz, in particular, brought sounds that reflected his influences from Psychedelic Furs, and Cabaret Voltaire.

In 1983 Sudeten Crèche supported Nico on her UK leg of her European tour.

Immediately prior to creating the new line-up, Doll and Carlin had written ‘Kindergarten’ (Doll the lyrics, Carlin the music) and in 1983 the new line-up recorded this along with ‘Asylums’ for Illuminated records. Sudeten Crèche were to join what became an influential stable of avant-garde artists that included 23 Skidoo, Portion Control, 400 Blows, D.A.F., Legendary Pink Dots, Data and Kan Kan.

Current – 2015

Sudeten Crèche are currently working on new material, involving Döll and Carlin – back to its roots. Plans exist for an album in 2016. More news to follow.”